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The Leading and Empowering New Storytellers (LENSProgram  aims to identify and hire talented individuals from underrepresented groups and provide them with access to feature animation industry relationships and storytelling techniques through experience within the production process and workflow, as part of their path to becoming a director, writer, VFX supervisor, and animation supervisor. The participants will use assets from an existing Sony property and utilize the Sony Imageworks pipeline to create a 2-3 minute short. This role will be a full time, paid position expected to last 9 months.

We are looking for a comedic writer from an underrepresented group who has an interest in writing animation. You may have experience in live action or animation. 


  • Have at least one writing credit in animation or live-action 
    • This experience can be in feature or television 

  1. A resume that shows your complete work history.
  2. A feature or television writing sample written in the past 5 calendar years. 

  • A narrative short film script that has been exhibited at a top tier film festival. 
  • Original TV pilot or feature script.
  • TV episode script made for series distributed via traditional broadcast, cable or streaming channels. 
  • Script from digital short or digitally distributed webisode that has generated no less than 10,000 views online.
  1. Two written Statement of Intents:

Written Statement 1:

In 500 words or less, please explain:

  • How has your personal and professional experience impacted your artistic vision? 
  • What is the audience you hope to reach with your writing? 
  • How will this program specifically support your career goals?

Written Statement 2:

In 500 words or less, please explain:

  • How does your background and previous work history make you uniquely suited for this program?
  • Additionally, tell us about a time you encountered diversity representation in family entertainment and how it was meaningful to you.

We can't wait to review your submissions!